Fonehouse Rugeley

Go Mobile Swadlincote

The Rugeley Team

Ryan Worsey - Sales Assistant

Ryan is a young, ambitious salesman with an eye for detail. Being a valuable part of the team, Ryan is one of our main sales staff who always strives to give you the best deal we have on offer. His knowledge on mobile phones is extensive and thorough.

Thomas Perrins - Sales Assistant

With nearly 20 years of experience, Tom is a vital member of the team, often making executive decisions and leading the team below him. He is a renowned engineer and salesman who has been dealing with mobile phones for most of his life.

The Swadlincote Team

Daniel Sharp - Sales Assistant


Connor McNeill - Sales Assistant


The Leadership Team

Simon Warner - Managing Director

Simon has extensive knowledge in telecommunications, having over 30 years experience in sales, repairs and managing a business. Owning a number of businesses with multiple branches, Simon is dedicated in bringing great service to customers through his employees.