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What is MFi?

MFi is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod' and is the term used for any cable verified by Apple. Whist these cables are not 'original' (made by Apple). They are verified by Apple to be used with their products. But what does this actually mean?

The Lightning Cable

Within each lighting cable, there is a microchip that's used to authenticate the product. This chip tells your device whether the cable is verified by Apple or not. This is the reason you find some cheaper cables do not work with your iPhone. If the cable is not MFi, your phone will give you an error message saying so.


The certification process is a long and complex one. Before manufacturers can even begin making them, they must have their product desings and plans approved by Apple. Only then can they begin making them. Once they have been approved, the cables must then undergo stress testing to ensure they are properly built. This means testing every single cable multiple times for mechanical failures or electrical ones. Once the tests are complete, the product is ready to be sold. Apple do routine checks on the products to ensure they keep their quality.

Getting an MFi cable for your Apple product is extermely important to prevent any damage done to it. Settling for anything less opens you up to potential damage inside your phone. Not only can non-MFi cables get extremely hot, they can break your charging port or even render your phone completely fried.

How do I check?

You can check any of your Apple cables by entering the brand, model number or EAN at Apples website Here